RENAISZANCE to release debut album ‘RISE’ on April 9, 2013!

February 26, 2013:

RENAISZANCE to release debut album ‘RISE’ on April 9, 2013!


Florida based Electronic Dance/Pop group RENAISZANCE – comprised of brother-sister duo Radha Mehta (lead singer) and Ravé Mehta (producer) – will be releasing their debut album ‘RISE’ on April 9th. The twelve songs featured on this release offer a landscape of various ingredients that make up the RENAISZANCE musical recipe, from soaring melodies, inspirational lyrics, and wide-ranging vocals plated against electronic dance rhythms and dirty dubstep textures.

From the sing-along feel-good dance anthem ‘Friend In Me’ to the heartfelt apologetic ballad ‘I Will Always Love You’, the melody rich album also features the album’s theme song ‘I Will Rise’, a song inspired by the graphic novel “The Inventor” authored by RENAISZANCE producer, Ravé Mehta. “The Inventor”, based on a true story of inventor extraordinaire Nikola Tesla, was one of the top sellers at its launch in San Diego’s Comic-Con 2012. The story illustrates how Nikola Tesla won the epic AC/DC battle against Thomas Edison in the late 19th century, regarding Tesla as the true Father of Modern Electricity. Although Tesla later died penniless, many of his inventions and ideas continue to live on and are still used in today’s technology, including in the creation of electronic music. Ravé felt inspired to celebrate Tesla’s story by producing a concept album filled with soulful lyrics and melodies about the story’s main themes of love, hope, and freedom.

RENAISZANCE is the latest in a string of accomplishments for this brother-sister duo, who have been collaborating together musically for over twelve years. They previously released a five-song EP entitled ‘Here And Now’ (2011) under their name ‘Ravé and Radha’.

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